Researcher in philosophy, I am interested in computing, mathematical logic and social sciences. My works explore the relations that can be established among these three areas.

Since 2000, I have notably collaborated with Pierre Livet and Jean-Yves Girard, my two Supervisors, as well as Michele Abrusci, Marie-Renée Fleury, Jean-Baptiste Joinet and Myriam Quatrini. I am one of the founding members of LIGC Group (Logic and interaction: towards cognitive geometry).
From 2007, I have joined the research group created by Alain Lecomte, which purpose is to develop new logic and computer models for the study of language. I am particularly in charge of a study that focuses on modelling the learning of sign language.

I have recently started working with Christophe Bruno, a French net-artist, on the subject of Web 2.0 and its connections with the cognitive economy and evolution of concepts.

Researcher in the private sector, I am also Director of the associations group which employs me. This group aims at creating synergies among research, publishing and training worlds, based on an emerging model in social and solidarity economy.
The Group employs 35 people and is composed of three main companies :
Resurgence, a training and employment integration association, specialized in publishing and web;, a research team specialized in social sciences and applied mathematics;
Accatone Editions, a publisher specialized in scientific and technical publishing.



111, rue Consolat — 13001 Marseille — France
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Samuel Tronçon - 2014