Dialogues in ludics

With Marie-Renée Fleury and Myriam Quatrini.

Abstract :
In this text we expose and defend the following claim: ``Ludics is a relevant framework to ensure both the formalisation and another way for studying dialogues’’.

Once our model presenting a not formal notion of dialogue, and explaining the correspondance with some core concepts in Ludics has been introduced, we give a light technical presentation of Ludics, focusing on the most relevant points for the study of formal dialogues : objects, actions and interactions. At last, we present the concrete part of the model with some examples of dialogues in ludics.

Référence :
Marie-Renée Fleury and Myriam Quatrini and Samuel Tronçon. Dialogues in ludics. In Sylvain Pogodalla, Myriam Quatrini and Christian Rétoré. Proceedings of the colloquium in honour of Alain Lecomte. To be published in 2011.

Entrée BibTex :

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Samuel Tronçon - 2014