Speech Acts with Ludics

With Marie-Renée Fleury.

{{Abstract : }}
In this paper, we attempt to show that recent developments in proof theory, especially with ludics, are relevant for the study and the formalization of speech acts. This logical framework does not deal with truth values but with proofs, and this opens a new way for taking in charge the performative part of linguistic utterances. After having presented two models of speech acts and what theoretical elements we will hold as relevant for our own model, we introduce the ludical point of view by defining a speech acting conceptualization which renders some determinations not presented in the former models. We end by giving some examples of speech acts, presented in their ludical embedding, and we discuss what features the model provides. {{Référence : }}
Marie-Renée Fleury and Samuel Tronçon. Speech Acts with Ludics. In Alain Lecomte and Samuel Tronà§on. Games, dialogues and interactions. Springer, 2010. {{Entrée BibTex :}}
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Samuel Tronçon - 2014