PhD thesis

I have done my PhD Thesis under the supervision of Pierre LIVET (philosopher) et Jean-Yves GIRARD (mathematician).

During this work, the Institute of Mathematics of Luminy was my laboratory, and I was employeed by the Department of Philosophy of the Aix-Marseille University.

I defended in 2006 before a jury composed of Michele ABRUSCI (philosopher, logician), Gabriella CROCCO (philosopher), Jean-Yves GIRARD (mathematician, logician), Pierre LIVET (philosopher) et Frédéric NEF (philosopher).

My defense has been received with honours "œtrès honorables avec les félicitations" . A revised version of my dissertation will be published at the University Press during 2008.

This thesis is a philosophical study of the geometry of proofs and the theory of logical interaction. More precisely, this work was oriented toward a phenomenology of structures and dynamics which are formally presented in mathematical logic.

My aim was to evaluate the expressive power of recent theories, in the context of their development. The objective was the development of conceptual models useful in human sciences. I identified in this work several models about representation and developped a differential and integrate approach of meaning. These models could be useful for clarifying some conceptions and adapting powerful formalisms using concepts of interactions and cognitive processes.

Samuel Tronçon - 2014